Monday, November 28, 2011


Last Saturday my DH and I took a day bus trip to Jamesport, MO, an Amish community. We almost didn't get there!

The day started out early, loading the bus in a drizzle, but we were soon on our way. Our first stop was to be at a greenhouse that specializes in Poinsettias. We would all get a chance to buy the plants we wanted for the holidays.

Our bus driver took a wrong turn down a country road! When he realized his mistake, he tried to turn around in a driveway, backed up and put the back of the bus in the ditch! We sat there for 2 hrs! Luckily I had some stitching with me so I did get something accomplished! The police and local sheriff came to direct traffic away from us since we were blocking the road!

We were happy to see the tow truck who eased us back on the road with no problem! We were headed for the greenhouse at last!

Here's the gorgeous Poinsettias!

Pictures of our 2 Poinsettias coming later.

Our next stop was at an Amish bakery and general store. We saw this farmer hauling a large hay bale.

In Jamesport, we ate lunch at an Amish restaurant, shopped in several stores, and went to a craft show. Here's some Amish buggies and horses, parked and waiting for their owners.

Our day ended with dinner at a family restaurant and the ride home! We were weary travelers, but thankful that no one was hurt from our mishap.

I'll end this with the Thanksgiving photo of our DGC!

I hope everyone had a Blessed Thanksgiving with their families!


  1. What a trip...thank goodness it wasn't your rv! Proof one always needs to carry stitching.

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! The poinsettas are beautiful!

  3. Oh dear! But turned out ok in the end.. love the pics of your GC.. Looked at your finished work on display at your LNS.. It is wonderful I have the Rosewood one waiting to be stitched, At thos moment I am stitching the Spring Quakers design.. they are all lovely.

    Chris xx