Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Lot of Pictures to Share!

These are my wonderful grandchildren! We were together for our Easter celebration and they had just finished the Egg Hunt! We like to pose them in from the left is Nathan, 10, Addie, 9, Elizabeth, 9 in June, Kelsey, 6, and Joshua, 6 end of May! They are, of course, my pride and joy!

This is the Edible Arrangement my DD Sarah and family gave me for Mother's Day! It even had chocolate covered strawberries! Yum, yum!

Above is the block I stitched for my stitch group exchange. It's by Carriage House and called Alphabet Sampler! Below is the one I received! I was the lucky one who received mine finished into a pincushion! My friend also made the pins! Isn't it lovely?

The piece above is Americana Samplings by Little House Needleworks. I stitched this last year and recently took advantage of the framing sale at my LNS. The same with the piece's Quaker Style Friendship Sampler by Samplers and Such. I participated in an online Round Robin in 2009. We each chose our own fabric and floss and it was fun to see the different samplers that we stitched on. I love how mine turned out!

This picture of Addie was taken yesterday at her softball game. We are experiencing some unusually cool temps right now so she was bundled up and all suited up in the catcher's gear!

And last, but certainly not least is the latest picture of our baby birds! This was hard to get! Mama has been very protective, any sound from our house and she is swooping toward the windows! I was somewhat hesitant to even take another picture, but my DH wanted to try. He finally got this great shot of all three and you can see that they now have feathers!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 9, 2011

We Have Babies!!

Yes, while we were out camping over the weekend, three baby robins were born!

You can clearly see the 3 in the mirror! Aren't they something, with their little mouths open wide?!

Mama or Papa was quite distressed that we were near the nest so we took the picture and quickly retreated into the house!

I hope we will be able to take more pictures to show you as they grow!

Monday, May 2, 2011

We're Expecting......!!!

Remember the first Robin of Spring?

She's going to be a mother!!! (At least I like to think it's the same Robin!)

We discovered a mud and grass nest tucked behind our front porch light fixture last week!

We noticed that a Robin was flying into the nest alot so when she flew off, my DH put a mirror up behind the nest, I got the camera and this is the picture of the contents!!

Three pretty blue eggs!!!

I was fearful that Mama wouldn't return, but she did. She faithfully sits up there unless we disturb her!! I tried to take a picture from inside the house, but she'd have none of that and
flew off.... then stared at the house from a nearby branch for awhile!

Robins can have around 4 eggs in a nest or as many as will fill the nest so we are wondering if she's laid more. At any rate, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the babies!