Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Travel Trailer!

Finally I'm getting pictures posted of our wonderful trailer! Here's also a few of the inside, I don't want to bore anyone, but we got a bit picture happy when we had it out and snapped alot of photos!
Our maiden voyage was to Basswood Resort by Platte City, Mo. We stayed 2 nights and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The only drawback was it wasn't far from KCI and planes coming in for a landing can be pretty noisy!
We are taking it to Topeka Friday after Thanksgiving and staying in an RV park.
Kansas City had rain this week so I was relieved to find out yesterday that the trailer didn't leak and all was well with it. Just being in it made me anxious to take it out again! We are adding more and more supplies to it and making it more like home.
Doesn't WDH look relaxed?
Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend too! :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumpkin Smash at the Kansas City Zoo

Elizabeth spent the weekend with us recently and Sat we took in the Pumpkin Smash at the zoo.
Not only was it a special event, but it was free admittance so there was quite a crowd. We enjoyed seeing the animals eating and playing with the pumpkins. The elephants each got a pumpkin and were carrying them around with their trunks. One elephant dropped his and another one picked it up, walked over to the one who dropped it, and then stood there and ate it!
Guess they weren't taught to share!


My WDH and I are blessed to have 5 grandchildren, of which 3 are girls. They are Addie ( Addison Lee), Elizabeth Anne, and Kelsey Grace. The girls love to play together!
Addie is 7, almost 8 and in the 2nd grade. I was fortunate to take care of her 3 days/wk from when she was a tiny baby until she started school. We had her recently when she was out of school for conferences and she made some leaf projects. She's a Brownie, does gymnastics and likes to play soccer.
Elizabeth is 7 and also in 2nd grade. She has gorgeous curly hair and is the middle child with an older and younger brother. She takes dance lessons and loves all animals.
Kelsey is 5 and goes to pre-K. I've also taken care of her several days/wk since she was a baby. She loves Fancy Nancy, also takes dance lessons, plays soccer and loves to swing! Kelsey was playing in the leaf piles in our yard last wk.........don't her legs look really long???

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last Week was BUSY!

It seems like since WDH retired in Oct we have been on an endless merry-go-round! Always something to do or somewhere to go. I keep hoping for a "normal" week, but realistically I don't think that it will ever happen!
Last Tues we picked up my framing from the shop in Topeka. LOVE this framing shop! They do wonderful work and are very reasonable. Here's pictures of the 3 pieces I had framed. I love them all!
Last week we also officially became RVers!!! We'd been looking at travel trailers for several wks, starting with 18 ft ones and ending our search with our 30 ft one! I have to backpedal here a bit as we had originally wanted to be able to use our truck to pull the trailer. It unfortunately wasn't big enough to pull the 30 ft trailer so we looked at getting a different truck! Fortunately Carmax had a very nice '07 Toyota Tundra! It's white, has low mileage, has heated leather seats and rides like a dream! We decided that we couldn't pass it up, but were waiting till Spring to get the trailer! But, with another walk through of it we were hopelessly in love with it, and decided not to wait! There's several more camping weekends yet this fall so we'll have it out this coming weekend and can't wait! We have a 2 hr orientation to attend, and then we'll load it and hit the road! I'll try to get some pics up after our maiden voyage!
Wishing everyone a great week,
Sharyn :-)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Antique and Craft Finds

My WDH and I have been to several craft and antique shows lately. I thought I'd share pictures of things I found, and just couldn't leave behind!
The Lenexa Community Center show is always a great show and it didn't disappoint. I visited my friend Dana's booth, The Stone Rabbit! Her blog address is listed below. Visit it and you will find it delightful! I had to have the darling snowman and a pumpkin that had a Give Thanks tag on it!
The wool table runner, heart pillow and snowman pillow were from Shirley, The Wool Lady's booth. Her wool projects are exceptional and I'm lucky to have many of her pieces.
We also went to The Church of the Nazarene's craft show in Lenexa. I'd never been to this show and it was fantastic! I purchased a little paper folded wreath, and then my name was drawn for a door prize that had 4 more wreaths in varying sizes! I also got a sweet little moose and my WDH bought the pretty nativity woodcut.
A few weeks ago my WDH and I went to an antique show in Lawrence with friends Janet and Wayne from Topeka. We try to go to this show every year and we always find a few goodies. I got the two wooden boxes there, and also the darling Singer needlework case. Isn't it cute?? I wonder if it's a child's, or a saleman's model. I'm going to store antique needlework items in it to display.
I'm very pleased with all of my purchases.........we both love to scout out the antique and craft shows......the anticipation of what we will find is always fun!