Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last Week was BUSY!

It seems like since WDH retired in Oct we have been on an endless merry-go-round! Always something to do or somewhere to go. I keep hoping for a "normal" week, but realistically I don't think that it will ever happen!
Last Tues we picked up my framing from the shop in Topeka. LOVE this framing shop! They do wonderful work and are very reasonable. Here's pictures of the 3 pieces I had framed. I love them all!
Last week we also officially became RVers!!! We'd been looking at travel trailers for several wks, starting with 18 ft ones and ending our search with our 30 ft one! I have to backpedal here a bit as we had originally wanted to be able to use our truck to pull the trailer. It unfortunately wasn't big enough to pull the 30 ft trailer so we looked at getting a different truck! Fortunately Carmax had a very nice '07 Toyota Tundra! It's white, has low mileage, has heated leather seats and rides like a dream! We decided that we couldn't pass it up, but were waiting till Spring to get the trailer! But, with another walk through of it we were hopelessly in love with it, and decided not to wait! There's several more camping weekends yet this fall so we'll have it out this coming weekend and can't wait! We have a 2 hr orientation to attend, and then we'll load it and hit the road! I'll try to get some pics up after our maiden voyage!
Wishing everyone a great week,
Sharyn :-)


  1. From experience, I can tell you it will not slow down. I am busier most of the time than when I was working.

    Nice stitching and framing. You cannot beat Frame Warehouse. Janet had told me that you were coming to get your framing.

    Need to see pictures of your motor home. Are you going to take it South for the winter. I have 2 couples of friends that do that. They love it.

  2. Well WOOT! I know you'll have a great time in your new trailer and truck ;) and your pictures framed are gorgeous!

  3. Sharyn your framed pieces are beautiful! I think you'll find yourself a lot busier than you ever were! LOL

  4. Hi, Kathy! Thanks for the lovely comments on my stitched pieces. I LOVE Frame Warehouse!
    Will try to take pics of the trailer this weekend. I have some on my camera so may try to get them off of there later. We are having fun trying to stock it this wk. Bound to forget something, but there's a store on the grounds of the resort, we'll really be roughing it, not! LOL! Nope, not going south for the winter this yr, but may take it south after C-mas for awhile.

  5. Your pieces (stitching and framing) are great! The RV sounds will be way too busy to stitch!

  6. Beautiful framing! Have fun camping!