Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stitching out of the box!

Fall is here and that brings out the fall stitching mood in me! Here's a cutie that I stitched up recently:

This is by Val's Stuff called In the Pumpkin Patch. I just love the kitty! This is one piece that I changed the colors on..........I know, isn't that amazing and shocking at the same time?! I usually stitch "by the book" or chart, rather, and use the designers' choices of fabric and floss colors mostly because I figure they know best how the design should look.

Well, this one I had to change! The two outside pumpkins were to be stitched with Mimosa didn't look at all like a pumpkin color so I used Fragrant Cloves for the left one and Autumn Leaves for the right one. Then to be even more "maverick", I stitched them vertically so they look striped. I also changed the vine color! Did I step out of the box or what??

I hope you are enjoying your fall stitching too!