Sunday, June 5, 2011


I picked up a couple of stitched pieces from the framer recently. The first is a Blue Ribbon freebie called Little Blue Bungalow. I think the plain blue frame complements it so well. I love this piece and it was alot of fun to stitch!

Next is Valentine Rose by Blackbird Designs. I showed this previously and still is the only Anniversaries of the Heart that I've completed so far. I picked the brown frame to use for all of the designs so will pop them in and out.

Lastly I wanted to show you my latest treasure! I found this sampler at an antique show called Bottoms Up, which is only open the first weekend of every month here in Kansas City. We went for the first time yesterday and were impressed by the quality and prices of the antiques. This piece is from the '50's so not very old. However, I like all of the little motifs. It does show you want glue can do to a piece! Wish I knew its history!

Does anyone recognize the design or have any ideas of who designed it?


  1. Sharon, Your stitched BRD and BBD pieces are beautiful. I like them both. Wow Sharon, your found piece is an absolute treasure. What will you do with it?

  2. Your stitched pieces are great!! I really like them a lot. And what a score with the sampler. I would be tickled to find something like that. But I have no idea who the designer is or the name of it!

  3. The sampler is beautiful! I believe I recognize the motifs as being from the older German book "Schone Alte Stick Ornamente by Gertie Wandel. This is a little book full of individual motifs that the stitcher of the sampler probably chose from and arranged together to create her own design. How lucky for you to have it for your own!