Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring's Messenger!

I spied this first Robin of Spring on our front lawn this week! He/She was just standing there taking in the warmer temperature, and occasionally digging for bugs. The sight certainly made me long for Spring!

As does this favorite picture hanging on my dining room wall!

My stitching has even made me long for the lovely warm days! Here's my stitched piece by With They Needle And Thread called Needles and Pins Heart Pinkeep. This was the February kit at my LNS's stitch in. I still have to turn the heart into a pillow that will then be put in a thread spool stand. It will be darling when I get it finished! Doesn't the bird make you long for Spring too?


  1. Yes, let's have Spring. I love that picture in your dining room...can't wait to see your stitching finish...and you:)

  2. I'm just seeing the Robins and Canadian Geese appear at the ponds in our neighborhood. Such a great thing to see. Spring can't be that far off. Just love your WN&T piece.

  3. I love the picture that you say is in your diningroom. Who is the artist and what is the title please?

    Do post when you do the finish for the pin keep. I love the fabric color!! It is perfect for the design!

  4. Dianne,
    The picture is called The First Robin of Spring. I don't know the actual artist, but you can find other prints of it in antique stores pretty easily.
    Thanks for posting and for your lovely comments.

    Sharyn :-)