Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Stitching Finish.....Almost!

Hi, It's me again! Don't faint! I know, this is highly unusual for me, but I wanted to share my "almost" stitching finish!

It shows up bluer than it is. This is the Blackbird Honeysuckle Manor reproduction sampler that Barb Adams named after her great great grandmother Hannah Lovina Joslin. The chart is from the Honeysuckle Manor book.

I had a hard time deciding who to dedicate my sampler to. At first I thought of my maternal grandmother, Ina Gertrude Leive. I adored her, she always made me feel so special. I've tried to be the same kind of grandma to my grandchildren. Well, she wasn't a very "flowery" woman. Don't get me wrong, she liked flowers, but she wasn't much for adornment or flowers in her house and I thought that maybe this didn't look like her. I'll find something more fitting to her, probably an Anniversaries of the Heart piece.

Then I thought of my paternal great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Langhofer. She passed away before I was born, and thanks to one of my aunts who wrote a book of that side of the family, I do know about her and have her birth yr. Hmmm, but, her name was just too long to fit in the space. And you know me, over one is DEFINITELY out of the question! See a previous post!

So, I decided that I was going to dedicate my sampler to my other paternal great grandmother Etta Alice Rock. I did know her, and always thought that she was a sweet lady. My dad was especially fond of her too. And her name should fit. However, I don't know her birth yr so I'm waiting for that information from my aunt. Then I'll be ready to graph the name and birth yr and complete it.

I love this sampler and the way it turned out, but I must warn whoever wants to stitch this..... the border is very time consuming and has a lot of color changes. But I think it turned out in the end and was well worth it!


  1. This is beautiful already! I love this chart, this whole book actually. I need to find some time to stitch something out of it!

  2. Sharyn, this piece is so lovely and almost done! I have this book and would like to stitch the whole thing, plus the anniversaries of the heart...well I have many of theirs I want to do. So little time...yours is a beautiful inspiration, though, and can't wait to see the finish.

  3. Looks great! One over one is not bad...I'll help;)

  4. Sharyn, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see it all finished and framed. You did a great job.

  5. It is beautiful. Thanks for the warning on the border.